About Us

Lawncare Victoria specializes in snow removal, lawn care, and landscaping service in Ottawa. We’ve been the go-to choice for homeowners for many years now. Our customers trust our authentic commitment to old-fashioned service. We strive to execute flawlessly and answer your questions as soon as possible. We value your property greatly and will always try our best to provide the best service at a competitive price.

Our services range from snow removal, lawn mowing, lawn aeration, Weed control, lawn seeding, clean up, lawn cutting, edging and weeding, lawn fertilizer, nutrient injection, front yard landscaping, parking landscaping, patio landscaping, swimming pool landscaping, power washing, etc.

Our team is fully trained and ready to handle all your snow removal, lawn care, and landscaping needs. We offer a very competitive price, while also offering special discounts for frequent customers.

You probably already know how important it is to hire the right company for your lawn and landscaping needs. You want a company that won’t cause damage to your property or injure yourself or your family, and you want a company that will do the job as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you’re looking for trained and qualified lawn care, snow removal, and landscaping services in Ottawa, contact us now for a free consultation and estimate.


Our lawn care specialists will evaluate your lawn and design a tailored approach based on scientifically backed categories of lawn husbandry which will give your lawn exactly what it needs at exactly the right time.


We promise we will always do our best to promptly and efficiently handle any and all of your requests for service, and we will go above and beyond to ensure that you're fully satisfied with our services no matter what. No exceptions.


Our expertise in lawn care is beyond compare. We always use the finest professional grade fertilizers for all types of plants, grass seeds that are designed specifically to withstand local weather conditions and weed control products that are developed with human beings in mind.

No Overtime Charge

With our reliable and efficient service, you can always expect a great looking lawn. With our unique pricing structure, you will never have to worry about an overtime charge and we'll always offer same-day service.

Our Promise to
Our Customers

Your satisfaction is critical to our success. With most of our ottawa customers being repeat or referred customers, it makes us proud to know that we are successfully delivering on some promises that are important to you. These promises are tailor-made just for you. This means that the way we handle your lawn care problems are tailored specifically according to your needs and specifications.

We know that the best way to reach a peaceful state of mind is through relaxation and contentment. That’s why we designed our Custom Lawn Evaluation to provide you with all of the information needed to maintain the health of your lawn at all times.

This report will give you an in-depth look at what type of grass and soil you have, whether or not there are weeds or insect damage or bad lawn diseases like thatch. You’ll even learn about how you can improve your cultural practices like mowing and watering so that your garden always looks its absolute graceful best. We’re here for you, helping to guide you along every step of the way!