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Ensure That Your Property Gets the Attention It Needs Before the Winter Season

The excitement of a new season is truly something amazing, but you also need to plan well ahead. Fall clean-up services will ensure your home landscape stays healthy and well-maintained so it looks beautiful and neat. We will take care of all your yard maintenance needs from raking leaves to fertilizing the lawn—so you can enjoy your property all year long.

Winter is coming and your lawn needs to be able to take the cold. To ensure it stays healthy & green, makes sure you aerate, fertilize and blow out excess debris in the beds. Using new services such as snow-to-spring lawn care ensures that your grass grows healthy and dense while saving you time on messy cleanup duties in the spring.

After your kids have had their fun in the leaves on your lawn, let us help you clean up and relieve the stress! Get a yard that your neighbours envy with our new Fall Clean-Up. 

What fall cleanup services do you offer?

Fall cleanups and services often include a fall leaf cleanup which improves your property’s appearance and helps to prevent pests from overwintering. These services also include –

  • Leaf collection and bagging – we arrive with a leaf blower and a rake. We quickly clean your property, pick up fallen leaves and put them in a bag which is then collected by the city. You may also opt to have us take away the bags for an extra fee.

  • Cutting back perennials – we will cut back annuals and perennials where possible, so as to keep the garden looking neat and tidy. This also prevents pests from overwintering in the debris.

  • Lawn mowing & fertilization – We will provide a final mow & fertilize your lawn with a fertilizer that promotes root strength, as cold weather is ahead.

  • Winter protection for evergreens – we will utilize natural materials to protect your evergreens from heavy snow and harsh winds. This includes burlap, straw and other eco-friendly materials.

How much do fall cleanups cost?

Your fall cleanups will be billed at a rate of $65 per hour for each staff member, plus a $32.50 charge for travel time per visit. Unlimited yard waste bags come with our prices and the bags will be neatly left for city collection when the work is finished.

The cost of a fall cleanup is affected by a number of things. The volume of leaves on the property, how many times you want to come – as well as seasons and weather conditions all, affect the overall price.

Houses with a small number of leaves (5-10 yard waste bags full) for the season typically cost between $130-260+tax, while houses with a large number of leaves for the same duration might cost upwards of $325-520+.

Please note that we charge extra for lawn fertilizer and burlap. Our retail price includes a 50% markup on our wholesale cost.

We offer full-service fall clean-up. We can help you with all the work so you don’t have to spend time with your family, or waste time doing it yourself. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in setting up your appointment.

Fall Cleaning Ottawa


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