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Inspired by the uniqueness of each element of nature and each material used, our team of professional landscapers will take charge of your project from an embryonic idea to the satisfaction of the work accomplished! Do you want to make the most beautiful assets of your land shine? A turnkey landscaping project allows you to make your dreams come true, without having to move a finger … or even your thumb! From your basic idea, we will make your project a reality so that you can enjoy your yard even before realizing that the work has been undertaken! In our landscaping service, everything is taken care of: analysis, design, planning, development, conceptualization, implementation and maintenance.

Why entrust us with your landscaping project?
Have you had the urge to redesign your yard for a while? Would you like to give yourself this gift, but don’t know any landscaper to do the job? Benefit from the expertise of a renowned team of landscapers. Thanks to our  landscaping service, you will see your land metamorphose into the enchanting space of your dreams!

Our Landscapers Are Ready For All landscaping work In Ottawa
Indeed, specializing in landscaping and snow removal, our company offers landscaping services of all kinds for homes and businesses. With both the manpower and the equipment necessary to carry out landscaping projects of all kinds (residential and commercial), our company will take charge of your project from start to finish. Our landscaping professionals are able to carry out the following work:

  • Installation of uni-stone
  • Construction of driveways or stair landings
  • Addition of waterfalls and fountains
  • Digging of swimming pools
  • Design of garden walls or swimming pool contours
  • Peat laying
  • Creation of patios, terraces and gardens
  • Earthworks and mini-excavation
    And more


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Front House Landscaping

A first impression takes hold in just a few seconds. The first welcome is one that we never forget. That is why it is important to welcome your visitors with harmonious landscaping and a neat house facade. The landscaping of the front of the property is intended to be in perfect harmony, inviting, aesthetic and very welcoming.

Lawn Care Services
Front Yard Landscaping

Parking Entrance Landscaping

Choosing the right materials for the driveway seems trivial, but it can be difficult if we have to respect a certain budget and if we want our driveway to withstand the Canadian weather. As the use of the driveway is daily and the investment is still important, you must take the time to choose well. Gravel, concrete, asphalt or the new green idea, grass to cover the driveway?

Swimming Pool Landscaping

In a heatwave, being able to cool off in an equally invigorating landscape is to have a true paradise on earth! This essential living space, conducive to good times with the family, cannot be arranged just any way. It absolutely has to create a nice atmosphere. To achieve this, the choice of materials, plants, plants, furniture and all accessories is important and must be considered in order to add a little special touch that will provide a warm atmosphere.

Landscaping Ottawa
Terrace Landscaping Ottawa

Patio Landscaping

There are many ways to design the outdoor patio. Many ideas are offered and can be implemented according to everyone’s budget. It is therefore essential to properly plan the development project. Whether it is for siding, for furniture or for any other ideas to decorate the exterior of the house, it is important to take the time to make sensible choices.

Exterior Kitchen Landscaping

Whether indoor or outdoor, a kitchen must have certain elements in order to be both functional and inviting. However, a little exotic touch sets in when we talk about outdoor cooking. We directly associate the outdoor kitchen with the summer, the heat, the friends, the swimming pool, the evenings around the fire … Even if a kitchen remains a kitchen, the outdoor one requires that little extra touch favoring beautiful summer encounters.

Outdoor Kitchen

The Process Of a Landscaping Project

Are you curious to learn more about how a landscaping project works? Every project is unique, but here are the essential steps for a successful project.

  • Taking the needs: This meeting aims to understand and popularize the main lines of your project. It will allow us to assess the time to be allocated to planning the project and to provide you with a budget overview of the implementation costs. 
  • Project design: The landscaping plan serves as a funnel for decision-making in order to offer you the best solution for your living space. It will be entirely personalized to your needs and will allow you to take full advantage of your layout. The plan will then be approved by your municipality and work can begin. 
  • Preparing infrastructure This is where the real work begins! These are complex and large-scale works, but they are essential to ensure the sustainability of the work: demolition, siting, excavation, drainage, pool digging, foundation compaction, levelling, piling, levelling, structures of wood etc.
  • Finishing work: Once the infrastructure work has been carried out, the finishing work will coordinate perfectly and we will begin to guess the final look of the project: laying of paving stones, finishing of carpentry works, planting of plants, irrigation, fencing, installation exterior lights, placement of furniture, etc.
  • Enjoy your new backyard: A general tour of the work will be made with  in order to present the project to you and ensure your complete satisfaction. All you have to do is discover the art of living outdoors!