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Your lawn needs the right amount of water to stay healthy and green! It’s important to know the difference between dryness, thinning grass or thinning lawn, and drought. If you see thin patches or dead areas on your lawn, this is dryness caused by not enough water. Dead grass may come back but it is still thin even after new growth begins. 

If the only symptom is that only certain spots of your lawn appear thin, then it may be thinning thatch or compaction due to build up or excessive foot traffic (especially if you’re playing on it). A drought is very serious situation where your lawn can completely brown out anywhere grass grows, like along sidewalks or in trees roots. It’s best to act immediately so you don’t further disadvantage your lawn for the future.

We are dedicated to providing lawn aeration services to clients in order to have their lawn put on display for all to admire. It’s important to the health of the lawn, particularly in warm weather where there is greater sun exposure. Lawn must be regularly aerated because it allows water, nutrients and oxygen to get down into the soil where they are needed. This way, your grass will have a chance to thrive throughout spring before winter comes along again. 

Advantages Of Lawn Aeration

Everybody wants a picture-perfect lawn with every blade of grass in its proper place, but not everyone knows how to get there. Aerating your lawn is an important step in creating the perfect lawn, especially if you want yours to look lush all year round. Aeration can be done using aerators that are pulled behind riding mowers or by using tines attached to a frame typically towed behind a garden tiller. 

It’s important to aerate your lawn at least twice per year but some people should aerate more often depending on the compactness of their soil and other factors related related to geographic location for example, hot or cold temperatures etc… Some of the notable benefits of aerating include:

  • Protects and improves the health and vitality of your lawn
  • Aids in water and fertilizer absorption
  • Allows roots to grow and spread deeper and wider giving your lawn a fuller, thicker appearance
  • Increases the overall health, strength and beauty of your lawn
  • Reduces the need for watering and fertilizer
  • Minimizes weeding and aeration efforts
  • Boosts lawn appearance and density

When to Aerate Lawn

When you should aerate depends on the type of grass in your lawn. If you have cool-season grass, it is better to aerate in the spring and fall seasons. For warm-season grass, spring through summer (and sometimes early fall) is the ideal time for aeration. Timing is critical so you can ensure that it is done when the grass is active and growing. 

This will produce the outcome you are hoping for—a healthy and green lawn. You can tell your lawn needs aeration if water is gathering and not seeping into the soil, if the soil has become compressed, or if there are bare spots or patches that need some help growing back healthier than before. Aeration also serves as a great way to produce thinner areas of your lawn just by increasing air flow to roots underneath!

When you’re intending to aerate your lawn, it is crucial that you first understand exactly what is involved for this process. There are many steps to take, things you must do and materials you’ll need. It is essential to make sure all components of the aeration job are taken care of at once or there can be some repercussions later on like turf damage, bald patches etc. We’d like to recommend taking the time to consult a professional landscaper so you can find a solution that works best for a wide range of local conditions for your specific project, no matter how large or small it may be.

Lawn Aeration Process

There are two primary ways to aerate your lawn. One way is through “MorningGreen” homeowners, which is streamed into the soil via a sprayer so it can activate the soil’s beneficial properties. Alternatively, the mechanical process is completed with special tines that remove thousands of cores from your entire lawn.


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We know that the best way to reach a peaceful state of mind is through relaxation and contentment. That’s why we designed our Custom Lawn Evaluation to provide you with all of the information needed to maintain the health of your lawn at all times.

This report will give you an in-depth look at what type of grass and soil you have, whether or not there are weeds or insect damage or bad lawn diseases like thatch. You’ll even learn about how you can improve your cultural practices like mowing and watering so that your garden always looks its absolute graceful best. We’re here for you, helping to guide you along every step of the way!

Aeration Equipment

There are different types of aeration equipment that are used to obtain the best results. Hollow tines are very effective in airing soil, but could also damage sprinkler pipes or even cut wires. Some types use solid tines to obtain a finer result which is much better for your lawn’s appearance. But there are varying differences between all these machines. 

Shape or weight can greatly affect penetration depth and soil type, water content, tine size and power could make differences as well. Another thing to take into consideration is no matter if you decide on liquid or solid tine aeration, it might end up not being the best for your Lawn! That’s why our company offers both solid tine & liquid aeration services – the best way to obtain the ideal effect for your lawn!

Why is Lawn Aeration Necessary?

In most Ottawa homes, much of the soil has been disturbed by the construction process. The fertile topsoil may have been removed or buried during excavation for basements or footings, leaving lower-lying compacted soil that is more full of clay and less desirable for healthy lawn growth. Often, in order to create a nicer landscape, these lawns will need aeration to improve their depth and extent of turfgrass rooting as well as to assist in the healthy growth of the grassy area. 

Commercial companies are often called upon to do this kind of task because it requires heavy machinery. However there are also methods that are done manually through the process known as divot putting or pitch doctoring whereby an individual or group can accomplish the same task with just a spade!

Home lawns typically develop thatch buildup. Thatch is considered .5 inch or greater when it appears to be a weak turf, and it’s caused by such factors such as watering alone (without aeration) or short mowing cycles. Liquid aeration helps to get rid of the excess chips of dead grass and soil, which improves thickness and drainage.

What Can you Expect After Lawn Aeration?

If you’re receiving aeration services, we recommend watering as soon as possible after the process is done. Immediately the following aeration, there are nutrients that are released into the soil that encourages rapid growth which you should see within a few days. Otherwise, the results might take time to build up in your soil due to the addition of beneficial microbes that boost healthy soil conditions over time.

If you are receiving core aeration, Immediately after the service, your lawn will be dotted with holes that will fill in overtime. The holes fill in with decaying organic matter and grass-cutting debris so there is nothing to clean up. Core aeration causes no mess in your yard! Many customers enjoy how quickly their lawn recovers, so much so that they choose Liquid Aeration to perform their core aeration.

Within 7 to 10 days after aeration, the holes will be filled with roots that are white in colour.  These are healthy signs that your turfgrass is adapting well to the modifications you have made. The aeration process was vital for improving the root growth of the turf.

A single aeration session might not be enough to truly help a lawn grow vigorously from year to year. More importantly, it may do very little for a lawn that is on poor soils. If you have this problem then it’s pretty wise to get a complete aeration and core aeration solution so your turf can really thrive! And if you live in Ottawa it’s best if you combine complete aeration and core aeration with proper fertilization, good mowing practices and effective weed/disease/insect protection too! In the end, all of these solutions together will make sure that your turf stays healthier here in “Ontario”.

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