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Our Team

Our team and Green Image is made of like minded individuals that share a passion for landscaping, the outdoors and making places look beautiful.

Team members at Green Image are friendly and always ready to make new people feel invited and part of the team. We show up for work, but we really get to spend time with people you will call your friends while exploring Victoria in areas you never thought existed!

We hire a mix of experience levels. Anyone from a seasoned veteran who just moved to the Island and looking to join a positive company, to someone who really loves the outdoors but may not have any formal experience landscaping. We are always looking to keep a diverse team that is aligned and looking to constantly improve and grow in the horticulture industry.

Currently as of early 2019 our team consists of 12 people around the ages of 22-37. Common hobbies are climbing, fitness, biking, hiking, Camping, hunting, yoga. As we are around the same age and share common interests we do fun things together as group but also independently many of our crew members hang out together.