Snow Removal Ottawa

Need Quick Snow Removal Services?

Snow Clearing service Ottawa offers 24/7 emergency services for all of your business and residential needs. Our team is trained in handling extreme conditions so you are always assured that the job will be done right. We have the fleet of trucks and equipment to get through even the biggest storms. The cost of hiring our crew is affordable as we offer free estimates on any size project.

Why Should You Hire Us For Your Winter Storm Management Needs

We specialize in snow removal services in order to keep our clients property looking good during the snowy season. From snow plowing, roof cleaning, driveway de-icing, sidewalk clearing, gutters washing and more we are there for you whenever you need us. We also clean up after ourselves to ensure that our work does not damage your property.

• We Offer Free Estimates Throughout the City: our clients throughout the city praise us for our professionalism, reliable scheduling, friendly staff and prompt responses. In fact, they often tell friends about our company since we guarantee that everything we promise will happen. This includes:

• Professional, Friendly & Reliable Quality Service: no matter what type of service you need we look forward to helping you. We always aim to please our customers by working hard to deliver quality work every time. Our entire workforce is dedicated to making sure you receive the same high level of customer service and reliability you expect from Snow Clearing Service Ottawa. When it comes to getting rid of snow; you want nothing but excellence. That’s why we only hire experienced crews who know exactly how to handle heavy snowfalls while ensuring that cleanup is left as seamless as possible.

• Quick Response Times: there is never a better time than now to call for help if you need it. Let us come out ASAP because we understand that an unexpected snowstorm may take you by surprise. Call us immediately so that you won’t miss out on important projects like moving furniture, shovelling walkways, boarding up windows and clearing roofs. Also, remember that our prices are very competitive compared to other companies.

• Free Guarantee: you don’t need to pay anything until we arrive at your home or place of business. That’s right, our free estimate is completely complimentary. Once we have arrived, we will remove all of the snow from your property whether it has been shovelled away, melted down or simply frozen into ice. If we do not think that our work is up to par, just let us know and we will make changes before continuing with the process.

• Flexible Scheduling Options: the last thing you want is to wait weeks between appointments or days without being able to access your property due to bad weather. Our flexible scheduling options allow you to choose the day and time that suits your schedule best. You are able to easily schedule as early as possible before or throughout the duration of any storm, with real-time updates on driver status, job completion rating, and access to pictures upon completion!

• Local Experts: unlike less reputable companies that use subpar crews who lack experience, skills and safety procedures, we only employ highly skilled individuals who have years of experience dealing with all types of inclement weather. They must also pass our strict hiring criteria to ensure that their credentials match our standards.

Residential Snow Removal Services

snow removal ottawa

When it comes to residential snow removal services, we offer two options:

1) On-call snow removal service – We send a crew out to your home at the exact moment you need them. Your driveway will be cleared within 2 hours. And yes, even though we’re based in Ottawa, we do travel to other close cities too.

2) One-time snow removal service – We’ll get your driveway ready for the next storm. That way, you won’t have to shovel again.

We specialize in residential snow removal services including:

• Driveway snow removal service: Our professional team will clear away any snow buildups from your driveway using our powerful equipment such as snow blowers, front loaders, backhoes, etc. Plus, we will spread salt, sand and gravel on existing roads to aid in melting, thereby creating safer driving conditions. We will keep your driveway clear and safe through regular maintenance.

• Sidewalks snow removal: We will clear out any walkway obstacles so you can enjoy walking safely outdoors again in your communities.

• Roofing & gutter snow removal: This ensures that your roof remains dry and protects its structural integrity.

• Covered parking lots snow removal: Any covered area is especially prone to getting slippery during storms, making it dangerous for anyone entering or exiting the building. We will ensure this part of the property is cleared properly so everyone gets inside safely on cold days.

• Garbage cans snow removal: This prevents garbage bags from becoming stuck in your bushes or trees. It’s a nuisance that can cause waste to accumulate, which may attract rodents or birds. We take great pride in ensuring that your garbage cans remain accessible during bad weather, thus preventing unnecessary.

• Patios snow removal: When the snow piles up high enough, they can restrict accessibility, especially if there are steps leading up to the patio. We provide snowplows, push trucks and other equipment to remove any snow piles blocking entry and exit points. In addition, once all that has been done, we’ll leave the area clean and tidy.

• Porche’s snow removal: The same goes for porches. If they are in an isolated location, they can become a problem. We work diligently to clear snow off these areas to prevent ice buildup or accumulation of frost that could

• Balconies snow removal: Same thing here. This is another important access point to your home

• Steps snow removal: These are some of the most common causes of falls and injuries. They can also be very hazardous if they are icy or unsteady because they require a person to climb up and down. Call us

Commercial Snow Removal Services

snow removal ottawa

Professional Snow Removal Service

With the cold winter months quickly approaching, it’s time to think about hiring a professional snow removal service. By choosing a reputable company, you will be able to enjoy a beautiful spring without worrying about your property being damaged.

Our goal is to provide top-quality services while keeping costs down. To achieve this, we work closely with local businesses and municipalities to develop customized plans for each client.

We offer 24/7 customer support via phone, email, and text message. Our friendly staff members are happy to answer any questions you might have and they are always willing to go above and beyond to meet your expectations


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Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the time, we wait for snow to stop falling before taking action. The exact timing is up to traffic considerations and our crew’s preferences. We usually target properties that receive less than approximately 10cm of snow within the first 8 hours of service. Although we do our best to service your property prior to morning and evening commutes, some locations (such as heavily trafficked areas) may take longer due to higher traffic patterns affecting travel times.

Snow will be removed from your property at our discretion. Following heavy snowfalls, space can become limited and snow may pile up blocking access to our team members. Due to the unpredictable nature of winter, we unfortunately cannot commit to your requests regarding where or how we place snow on your property under any circumstances. Snow removal from your property is not included in this agreement.

If the snow is going to be cleared from a parking lot, PLEASE DO NOT park your cars in a way that prevents snow plows from getting to the areas where the snow needs to be piled. Our services do not include clearing of snow from off of parked cars – but we will be happy to help you shovel your car out from underneath if it’s been buried under a mound of powdery stuff! However, you do have to let us know whenever possible before storms begin so we can plan accordingly and make sure there are no vehicles or houses that need to remain untouched by our heavy machinery.

A windrow is snow that has been left behind from a snowplow, either from the city or from a private snow removal company. We will clear your windrows if our plows have already passed through before our visit, but we can’t guarantee a follow up a revisit on a regular snow event where the city or a private contractor has done one pass after ours or if it is part of a second pass following a heavy snow event.

We know that the way ice and snow affects property is quite different from the way it does when it comes to making a certain dessert or cocktail. Snow removal services save property owners both time and money, but if you need extra help dealing with ice accumulation, it’s important to be aware of what’s considered an acceptable request even though our crews are too busy clearing melting snow to handle any other weather-related requests.

We do our best to limit noise from plows and snowblowers from getting into your homes – but sometimes we have no choice but to rely on them. That said, we do try to limit these noises as much as possible, for everyone’s sake – us included!

All payments are processed securely and conveniently via credit cards, cash and you will also have the option to pay monthly or prepay for a whole season of service. For monthly payment, you will be charged on the first of each month for the entire month (or season) of service. The first payment may be pro-rated if you start the subscription in the middle of the month. ​

Our pricing remains the same, regardless of the weather. Some months see us making more deliveries than others – to compensate our drivers are given a generous bonus at the end of each month. Weather is unpredictable, so we always need to be prepared by working with an excellent team and having equipment ready in case winter hits!

If you have a request to make a correction following a snow service for something we missed, please let us know within 12 hours of our service so that our crews have an adequate rest period.

while we may not be held responsible or liable for occurrences that take place while our services are being provided, we promise to work diligently and at the best of our ability to keep all clients safe while providing our services

If you enjoy Yardly’s snow removal service, you can help us grow by sharing your experience with your friends, family and neighbours. Not only will they appreciate the idea of Yardly being available to them when it comes to their outdoor cleaning needs, but by referring people who then become customers, you’ll also take advantage of Yardly rewards that come in the form of free snow removal every time someone makes a purchase through your referral link. The best thing about this is that you don’t even have to do anything if your referral becomes a customer. We’ll take care of rewarding you for referring new customers since all you have to do is share Yardly with everyone!

At the start of each subscription period, we will do what we can to remove any ice and snow from your property. However, if we find that your property still has a significant buildup of ice and/or snow after our initial clearing, we will charge an additional fee for de-icing and/or snow removal and you will be charged at an hourly rate of $60/hour to work on this. After our initial visit though, we’ll be responsible for helping you manage the ice and snow for the rest of the subscription period.

Are you worried about having to set up an appointment for a contractor to come to your property so they can give you a quote? Well, don’t be! With our company, you can find out your price immediately by simply taking a picture of the area that needs clearing. No need to wait for someone to come over before you are able to get the information that you want.