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We offer a snow removal service in Vaughan throughout the winter season. With more than 5 experience and have already had more than 100 snow removal clients last year, Professional Snow is a real reference for all your snow removal operations in Vaughan. Entrust this arduous task to professionals who have mastered the art of snow removal, who have high-performance equipment and, above all,  who intervene in complete safety for owners and passers-by.  Every morning, save time and don’t waste energy in clearing snow from sidewalks, carports, balconies or parking lots.

We offer fast and professional commercial snow removal services in Montreal. We remove snow from roofs, parking lots as well as stairs and driveways. Our safe methods, our impeccable work as well as our competitive prices allow us to very well satisfy our customers.

Whether it is a business, a shopping center, an office building, an industry (factory and warehouse), an institutional building or municipal buildings, our specialized technicians will help you will offer personalized and attentive services. We also remove snow from condo buildings and seniors residences.

We will respect your specific needs as well as your schedule and budget. Our punctuality and speed will ensure that your customers and employees will always be comfortable moving around your buildings. For all your snow removal needs, you can trust the experts at Professional Snow to deliver quality work as well as attentive services.

Residential and Commercial snow removal services

Our team is qualified and uses state-of-the-art equipment. We are therefore able to take care of all residentail and commercial snow removal projects, from the smallest to the largest. In fact, whether it is snow removal from your flat or sloped roof, your parking lot, your stairs and your building entrances, our snow removal specialists will work hard, regardless of the temperature. We will clear all the snow that clutters your spaces and that could prevent your customers or your employees from going about their daily activities.

Great attention to detail during Snow removal services

Working with adapted tools that are expressly designed for residential and  commercial snow removal, our experts pay particular attention to detail during the work so as not to damage the materials and structures of your roofs, stairs or parking lots. In addition, they make sure that snow removal is done in a way that makes your facilities clean and beautiful. The parking lots, entrances and stairs are cleared of snow in a structured and impeccable manner.

Safety and cleanliness

At all times, safety remains our priority. We use safety equipment when necessary and we provide a safety perimeter during residentail and commercial snow removal services. Our techniques comply with industry standards and our company is covered by comprehensive liability insurance.

In addition, the cleanliness of the premises remains very important for our team. This is why we make sure to do our work in stages and in a structured way. Our mission is to remove the maximum amount of snow that clutters your spaces while minimizing the inconvenience that this could bring.

In short, our company guarantees you fast and reliable snow removal services, to simplify your life during stormy days.

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Parking lot snow removal

In order to be able to park your car correctly during major snowstorms, you must have your parking lots cleared regularly. These places accumulate snow quickly and parking your car will become complicated without effective shoveling. In addition, for large commercial, municipal or institutional parking lots, the presence of snow can be dangerous for your customers, while leaving a bad image of your organization. Snow removal from the parking lots in Vaughan is done with speed, professionalism and passion by all our employees. Have peace of mind and leave your car in a secure parking lot!

Snow removal of car shelters

If you have a Tempo shelter, you are already lucky not to have to clear your parking lot. However, you must clear the snow from your carport in Vaughan,  otherwise, you run the risk of collapse. Don’t let your snow accumulate on your carport! Take care of your canvas, but also of your car by avoiding the density of snow on your Tempo shelter. For this, call us to eliminate any presence of snow.

Sidewalk snow removal

If you want to travel safely throughout the winter season, you must remove snow from your sidewalks in Vaughan. Whether it is for your home, your business, your municipality or even your institution, it is important to clear your sidewalks to facilitate traffic to your building, while securing journeys.

Balcony snow removal

If you have a balcony, it is necessary to limit the presence of snow on it. In fact, the more snow you accumulate on your balcony, the more it will have to support a heavy load which represents a danger for its structure. To ensure your safety, to facilitate your emergency exits and to maintain the quality of your balcony, you must call us for efficient and fast balcony snow removal in Vaughan!

Need a Snow removal service in Vaughan?

Why Choose Us

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Our vision is to create and maintain thriving snow removal and management techniques with a creative approach to every  challenge. An approach that will provide solutions to maximize the effectiveness of the client’s investment, while fulfilling the client’s functional needs, coupled with their desired outcomes. All while creating a more than satisfied customer which will help us secure the long term relationships we desire with our customers.

We know you have many options when it comes to hiring a snow removal company in Vaughan. That’s why we strive to be a cut above the rest. Here are the Top Reasons you should give us a try, instead of calling the other guys.

  • Quick response: Emergency response time is one hour or less guaranteed. A live person will answer your call.
  • We listen first and offer solutions second: No one knows your house ou business location better than you. When you have a problem, the last thing you need is someone to come in and waste time performing the same checks you’ve already done. We’ll work with you in solving your problems and keep you involved with what we are doing.
  • Experienced: We hire only professional with at least 2 years of experience and usually many more. We provide our workers with continuing education opportunities on a regular basis to allow them to stay current with the latest technology. We won’t be sending out warm bodies to train on your dime!
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee: We want you to be completely satisfied with our services. We will do whatever it takes to make you happy. No hassles, no problems.
  • We show up when we say we will. If there is ever a delay you will be notified immediately.
  • Great communication skills. You never have to guess what is being done on your property.
  • We have simple, reliable, and predictable billing.
  • We will be sure to shut your gate before we leave.
  • We have friendly crew members. You will love getting to know them.
  • We are a full service company so you won’t need to call anyone else for services.
  • We have long-term employees who are highly trained and ready to serve you.
  • We use the best snow removal  equipment that is impeccably maintained.

Need a Snow removal service in Vaughan?